The Robotic Age is a dangerous time of transition. The world is recovering from war and natural disasters, androids struggle to be accepted, and weapon technology is quickly spiraling out of control.

The game uses percentile dice for skill rolls and dice pools for damage. Having a higher dice pool isn't necessarily the best option, as you can have more attacks with a smaller pool and whittle your opponents down. 

The Robotic Age: Mars 

"You can't trust those 'bots. Androids just want us to think they are thinking beings, they want us to treat them like we treat each other, so that we wont see an attack coming. You give androids the right to vote, and they vote their kind into office the same day the death squads are formed. You think you can stop an army of metal men with plasma weapons built right into their arm?! Ha! And don't think those cyborgs are any better. They are just trying to become more android so they might be spared in the robot apocalypse. Traitors to their own species, all of them. Trust me, the moment you treat 'bots like they are human is the moment they take over!" - Speech given by US Senator during the 2112 election.

The Robotic Age: Troubles In Two Worlds 
​(Coming 2016)

Troubles in Two Worlds brings the focus back home to Earth and how Androids are treated around the world.
It also goes more in depth about Cyberspace and how it effects the real world.​

The Game

In the 22nd century, Mars has been not only colonized but terraformed​. It is now a free trade utopia where jobs are plentiful and anyone, man or machine, can make a life for themselves.
Or at least that's the message being sent to Earth. In reality only a dozen colonies dot the red planet. Less then a quarter of the surface is habitable, and corporations not only own the jobs but also the land you walk on and the air you breathe.

This supplement details Mars, the various colonies, and the mega corporations that rule the land. Also includes rules for

  • Vehicles
  • Genetically Modified Humans
  • ​and Mecha